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Neon Indian is performing at Brillo June 12th!


Playboy Warhol Art Opening

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The theme was Playboy pajama party, but I decided to go for the battered school boy look instead.


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Spring Has Sprung!

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Chat Roulette!

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The social Web site, created just three months ago by a 17-year-old Russian named Andrey Ternovskiy, drops you into an unnerving world where you are connected through webcams to a random, fathomless succession of strangers from across the globe. You see them, they see you. You talk to them, they talk to you. Or not. The site, which is gaining thousands of users a day and lately some news coverage, has a faddish feel, but those who study online vagaries see a glimpse into a surreal future, a turn in the direction of the Internet.

soooo bizarre and addictive….read on!


Snowpocalypse Now

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Pitt shut down for 3 days!!!

Winter Time Blues

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Winter has officially gotten the best of me.  The past week has been marked by illness and severe sleep deprivation.  I know I’ll win this battle in the long run as the days gradually grow longer.

This song has been my moment of zen for the day:

The Birds by Telefon Tel Aviv